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Frequently Asked Questions

The Nepali Business Council – Dubai is non-profitable organization of Nepalese businessman & professionals residing in Dubai, UAE. This is only Nepali organization which has legal permission from Chamber of Commerce, Dubai to carry out its activities inside UAE.

There are five criteria for membership:

Corporate : Dubai based Nepalese Corporate Business Membership This Membership shall be opened to registered Nepali Business owner in Dubai, either independently or in affiliation with a UAE National or with a UAE Corporate body.

Professional : UAE based Nepali Professional Membership Membership in this category shall be opened to all Nepalese Professionals who are working in UAE except Corporate Member. Professional members shall pay the professional membership fee as established from time to time.

UAE Business : Membership in this category shall be opened to all businesses and companies who have a presence in other Emirates such as a major business, an agency, distributorship, franchise or other representatives of Nepalese business, or a business which is managed or operated substantially by Nepalese Professionals. UAE Business members shall pay the UAE Business membership fee as established from time to time.

Overseas Member : Overseas Members are Nepali national who owns a company or Nepali professionals who do not have a presence in the UAE but who are interested and share the NBC'S objectives. Overseas Members will pay the Overseas membership fee (as it may be applicable) as established from time to time.

Honorary Member : Honorary members shall include the Ambassador of Nepal to the UAE, the official in charge of Economic & Commercial activities of Embassy of Nepal in the UAE, President of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other personalities that the Administrative Board may decide by majority vote that are appropriate to be invited to join the NBC as Honorary Members.

Category A – Corporate : AED 1000

Category B – Professional : AED 200

Category C - UAE Business : AED 500

Category D - Overseas Members : AED 500

Category E - Honorary Members : Nil

The NBC objectives are:

A. To maintain, support, promote and encourage trade, investment, technical, sports and cultural and economic co-operation, employment and tourism between Nepal and UAE.

B. To offer NEPALI members a platform to exchange information and experiences and to communicate and interact with public and private entities and persons in the UAE by means of meetings, gatherings, seminars, conferences, receptions, etc.

C. To encourage mutual awareness, exchange of information and cultural cooperation between the NEPAL and UAE.

D. To organize events to reinforce and improve the image of NEPAL in UAE

E. To promote friendship, goodwill and understanding between the business organizations of Nepal and UAE.

F. To support Nepalese companies, businessmen and professionals establishing or contemplating the establishment of a base in Dubai and in particular to maintain close relationships with Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Free Zone Authorities and Promotion Boards and other government authorities.

G. To assist and liaise with the Nepalese Embassy in Abu Dhabi in their endeavors to further develop/enhance trade opportunities between Nepal and the UAE and to work with the Nepal Embassy to make suggestions to the Government of Nepal on matters of policies and procedures pertaining to the business activities of Nepali and UAE nationals.

H. In general, any other lawful activity related to the promotion of business and or cultural ties between Nepal and UAE.

The Council relies on annual membership dues.

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